Crazy vehicle modifications in Pakistan, Pictures of Suzuki Mehran with butterfly doors

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When we talk of vehicle modifications, specially car modification not every one go for it here in Pakistan but you most see lots of people with modified cars etc. Lots of people go for conventional modifications of their old cars to add a new style to their ride, but sometimes you come across some really crazy ideas which you will not find anywhere else in world.

Few days back we attended a car racing event in Islamabad where lots of people were there to watch the on going races, among audience there were much of people with modified rides.

There was one freak who had applied a crazy idea to his Suzuki Mehran which I never seen any one else to have applied to their small car. He had turned the Mehran conventional doors to the butterfly doors which on same time open outwards and above the body of car. These doors normally come in high-end sports cars only. Following are pictures of that car.

Suzuki Mehran with Butterfly doors

Suzuki Mehran with Butterfly doors at different angle

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