Worst ever winter Power Load shedding in Pakistan

Published on Author K. Shahzad1 Comment

Winter is on its peak with good quantity of waters in our rivers and these are the months when the power consumption is minimum of whole year but still we are witnessing the load-shedding which is announced as 3 to 5 hours per day and on some random days this even goes beyond that.

There are part of world where the uninterrupted power supply is assured for the whole year no matter what happens, i.e. no matter the weather conditions are good or bad, power will just be available. We here in Pakistan even if can’t match that kind of supply but should have tried to improve the things but seems like in this matter things are getting worse. I remember at least in winters we had uninterrupted supply of power over the past but since when Pakistan Peoples Party have took charge things have just worsened.

The power consumption of country in the winter season is around 10 thousand megawatts and this country in the past kept producing something about 16 to 17 thousand megawatts but seems like now since current administration took charge we have only lost our capabilities instead of improving on things. Having said that the power load shedding we are facing currently in Pakistan is indeed worst winter load shedding of history of any power load shedding in Pakistan.

If current administration is not being able to fulfill the power consumers’ needs in the winter season how on earth they are going to make thing happen in the summer season when the power consumption is almost double than those in these cold weathered months. This is same country administration which have three times in past promised people of Pakistan to put an end to electric shortage and load shedding in Pakistan and all three times they have disappointed us by not fulfilling promises, further disappointed by not being able to show results even after those deadlines.

When they promised to end the power shortage, it is understandable that they would not have been able to pull this off due to some reasons but they should have improved on things, this loss on previous capability clearly tells that those were not promises to improve things but few lame attempts by government or Pakistan Peoples Party for that matter to fool the people of the country.

I pray for the day when only those who are loyal to Pakistan and people of Pakistan come into the leadership of country and do something to put an end to irony and hopelessness once and for all.

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