Electricity shortfall continues, PPP’s Policy making skills byte the dust

Published on Author K. Shahzad1 Comment

Its well over the 2 years since the so called Pakistan Peoples Party is power but they came up with lack of policy making skills in every aspect. Same is the condition of electricity. I am safe to say that the power production capabilities of country decreased over the last years instead of increasing. As dawn reports current capability of country’s power production just hangs on 11,725 megawatts which seems less then the capability we had earlier, clearly more than 12000 megawatts for sure. The current requirement varies around the 16,662 megawatts. Which means that the demand and supply gap is still 5000 megawatts.

Either its non functional power plants or reasons are no matter what, the thing is that current administration have failed to power the country. That is not all, the real insult to injury comes in when we recall their promises of ending the load shedding on first Dec 2008 then June 2009 and then the last unfulfilled promise of making this happen on end of Dec 2009.

Their claims were clear lies and that is testified by the current figures. Put the issue of ending load-shedding on side, figures tell us that government didn’t got able even narrow the demand supply and reversely we are facing load-shedding much much more than what we witnessed in Musharraf’s era before the PPP came in power. It used to be few half hour intervals of load shedding in peak hot months but now its like 8 to 10 hours daily in a weather which is moderate, not so cold nor hot.

This is even much more serious than being unable to provide the basic needs, it is open insult of democracy that they are currently doing by making the promises and then not doing any thing to fulfill them. It is like making a promise to silent the masses for the moment and then not caring at all.

We as a country shall rise, but only in case when we learn from the previous experiences, vote in true and honest people to lead us by slapping a NO into the face of lairs and cheaters. And this rule must not apply to a certain group or party but the individuals who have not been able to perform no matter where they belong.

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